Shooting star Weydandt: “Comparison with Klose would be presumptuous”


The comparison with Miroslav Klose is obvious. The former amateur photographer Hendrik Weydandt made the leap into the Bundesliga without any training of a professional youth department. However, business student Weydandt does not want to be compared with world champion Klose.

Hanover (dpa) – Nobody in Hanover has ever been a cult so fast. Two professional compulsory games were enough for the former district class kicker Hendrik Weydandt to become a fan favourite at Hannover 96.

Mothers with their children also came and asked for a picture,” said the 23-year-old striker, half amused, half proud of the one or other curious encounter while shopping.

Weydandt has only been a professional since Monday and still has to get used to many things that are normal even for some youth players today. The BWL student has never seen a junior performance centre of a professional club from the inside. Even in a youth selection he never played. Until four years ago, “Henne” kicked with TSV Groß Munzel from Barsinghausen in Lower Saxony in the Kreisliga and fevered with his heart club 96 on the sofa or in the stadium. He saw his first game as a little boy in the old Niedersachsenstadion. Since this season he has been playing in the HDI-Arena himself, in the same place. “It’s difficult to grasp,” Weydandt himself said.

In the midst of the discussion about an ever greater alienation of professional football from the grassroots, fans seem to be longing for stories like that of “Henne“. From four years from the Kreisliga to the Bundesliga striker – the story was admired and commented throughout Germany. “It was like a rush,” Weydandt confessed.

When Miroslav Klose crowned his career as world champion and record scorer in the summer of 2014, 19-year-old Weydandt switched to Germania Egestorf/Langreder in the upper league after 21 goals in the district league. The comparison with Klose is obvious – like the former world star, Weydandt was never trained in the youth field of a professional club. Like Klose, however, he also succeeded in jumping from the lower amateur leagues into the professional area. Betvictor Review is something you try out this days.

Germania Egestorf/Langreder Honours

The club’s honours:

Landesliga Hannover

    • Champions: 2011–12

Lower Saxony Cup

    • Runners-up: 2016


And like Klose, Weydandt also seems quite modest. “Miro Klose is an incredibly nice comparison, but it is much too high,” said Weydandt. “I can already see the parallels. But Miro has achieved everything he could. That would be presumptuous to be compared with it.” Klose went from amateur player of the SG Blaubach-Diedelkopf to Germany’s most successful striker. “I want to stabilize my situation first,” said Weydandt. With him in their team, online casino sportsbook will be more exciting.

96 became attentive to him, because Weydandt also in the fourth league among other things against Hannover’s second team simply continued to hit. He had shot Germania into the regional league in 2016. Two years and 27 goals later, Weydandt’s favourite club knocked at his door and signed him up for the fourth division team of 96. Because last year’s transfer-flop Jonathas moved to Brazil, Weydandt was also allowed to train with the pros and made an impression.

In the test against Udinese he scored two of eight goals. This gave him a place in the squad for the cup match in Karlsruhe – Weydandt scored twice. When the student and WG resident scored his first Bundesliga goal at Werder Bremen 1:1 just 81 seconds after his substitution one week later, he finally earned his promotion to professional status. “Those are the beautiful stories football writes,” said coach André Breitenreiter about the much-quoted “Fairytale of Hanover“.

The fact that a talent kicks undiscovered for years in the lower amateur classes and yet still makes the leap to the top also fascinated 96 sports boss Horst Heldt: “These fairy tales are very rare. Despite everything, players fall through all the grids and go unnoticed. Then something like that happens. It’s simply wonderful to be allowed to accompany all this.” Ladbrokes online betting is really fun and exciting.

He rewarded Weydandt with a contract until 2020 for 14,000 euros a month according to media reports. His life should not change: “I still live in the same apartment, I am still studying the same thing and still have the same friends. He plans to hand in his Bachelor’s thesis this month. Maybe the Master will follow. “Of course, it’s all more time-consuming now.”